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About Us

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About Healthsciences International

Healthsciences International first established it’s humble beginnings in 1998 as a modern Chinese Medicine clinic in Singapore. With a vision to provide a more comprehensive network of medical services, we have strategically increased our foothold to a total of 16 medical and dental clinics in Singapore. Healthsciences International is fully committed to bringing top quality healthcare services to the communities that we serve.

We have also expanded our services to assisting companies with better systems infrastructure within the health industries, and a consulting arm to advise healthcare companies on their deliveries and performances.

Mission & Vision & Values

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    To be a leading integrated healthcare provider in Asia that places patients and community interests before self.

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    To positively impact lives and the community through excellent patient care.

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    We Value

    Our patients and caregivers by treating those we serve and each other with compassion, dignity and respect;
    Excellence by acting with integrity and striving for the highest quality care and service.

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Our Team

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    Dr. VicPearly Wong
    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Dr VicPearly Wong is appointed Group Chief Executive Officer on 1 Oct 2020.

    A specialist orthodontist by profession, Dr Wong obtained her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from National University of Singapore and embarked on her specialist orthodontic training under the sponsorship of National Dental Centre, Singapore. She obtained her Masters in Orthodontics and earned her Fellowships in Orthodontics from the Royal Australasian College, Australia and Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh UK. She was subsequently inducted into the Fellow, Academy of Medicine Singapore.

    Dr Wong is the Director and Founder of Orange Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics Pte Ltd, Wren Dental and Medical Supplies Pte Ltd and Greedygums Pte Ltd. They were acquired by New Silkroutes Group (NSG) in 2017 and she was subsequently appointed as Clinical Director (Dental) of NSG’s subsidiary Healthsciences International Pte Ltd.

    Dr Wong was the Past President of the Association of Orthodontists, Singapore and currently serves as their Chair, Internal Audit Committee. She is a member of the College of Dental Surgeons, Orthodontic Chapter and a medical expert at the Faculty of Medical Experts, Academy of Medicine Singapore.

    She is a member of the Old Rafflesians’ Association and serves on the fund raising committee in the Metropolitan YMCA Singapore.

    Dr Wong obtained her Masters in Business Administration from University of Manchester in 2015 and is pursuing a profession program on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare from Stanford School of Medicine.

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