Healthcare Medical and dental supplies business
(supply dental/healthcare products to clinics and other healthcare facilities)

To ensure that we are a company at the forefront in the complete healthcare ecosystem, we are in the business of importing and distributing medical and dental equipment to end consumers, both locally and overseas. Since its inception in 2007, we have successfully acquired the exclusive distributorships of the biggest names in dental equipment from US , Japan and Singapore. We aim at finding the quality products that will match the professional standards of our dentists.
medical and dental distributor
With our distribution network spanning South East Asia, we boost close relationships with our partners to ensure that the delivery to our customers is smooth and seamless.

To maintain our position as a premier medical and dental distributor, we are constantly looking new innovative products and cultivating new partnerships to increase our product lines.

We proudly provide the highest level of product quality, dependable delivery and personalized service to help our dentists give patients the smiles they deserve.
With strong international and local logistic support, we are more than adequately to support our business lines The Dental Hub and specialist dental arm, Orange Orthodontics, and our overseas dental groups. Our mission is to ensure that we maximise the efficiency, profitability and scale-up the successes of our dental practices through an extensive suite of value -added dental services.

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